After Your Beautiful Indian Wedding - Edmonton Sikh Hindu Ismaili Pakistani Wedding Photographer


As a wedding photographer, I need to ensure that my clients are very happy with the final images they receive, be it clients for a Sikh Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Pakistani Wedding, Ismaili Wedding, etc., my goal is for them to remember how beautiful their Indian Wedding was, many, many years after.

Back then, I hand out images in a small, plasticky, generic-looking flash drive and personally, much as I trust the brand of the flash drive, I can say that the storage doesn't really say much about me and my brand. Sure, my clients are amazed by the spectacular images (:p), but am not entirely sold with the delivery medium. 

The idea of personalizing my image delivery took five years to materialize. It was in the inception of Michaelangelo Photography that I have thought of customizing this delivery medium, but always wondered if that may be too soon at the early stage of my business. I think this is the now is the sweet time. From the elegant logo to the unforgettable business name, to the actual fun shoot and the delivery of wonderful and artisan images, I reckon it has now come full circle. 

These flash drives are from Photo Flash Drive in the US.




All comes in 64GB, this would be enough to store images of their happy and very colorful multi-day wedding, from Day 1 til Day 5 or Day 7 even. :)




Easy on the eyes and very professional. Aren't these just awesome? <3