Happiness Inside

Something came in the mail today. I opened the box and found something beautiful inside.



Inside it was a 10x10 book, covered in a textured ebony linen. Debossed on it were the names Gurjunt and Simran, and numbers that seem to look like a date. *wink



The linen cover looks coarse, yet smooth to the feel.



15 strong leafs that feels so sturdy and strong. This will definitely stand the test of time.




I opened it, and found stunning images of an amazing East Indian couple's wedding day. In a vibrant red background, it perfectly matched their elaborate and vibrant clothings. How lovely.



The pages inside were metallic of nature. It was glossy and lustrous. The images seemingly come to life the longer you stare at them.



Aw yeah! Gurjunt and Simran will be so happy to receive this. :)



Nothing could be better in preserving happy memories.


This is why I keep telling my couples --- What happens when the wedding day is over? Those details, the food consumed, the event venue, THEY WILL ALL BE FORGOTTEN but the photos will live on. And that is certain.