On Being Licensed

I received an interesting wedding photography inquiry this morning. The sender had a not-so-good experience while looking for a photographer for their wedding. The most important day in a couple's life. Email below:

Dear Email Sender,
I am terribly sorry for what happened. With the presence of free advertising sites around, things like these are bound to happen. I always inform my clients during a sit-down session, that it is highly important they look for a licensed photographer for their own security. I have heard lots of horror stories from couples looking for a photographer. From email scamming, to no-shows on their wedding event. The last thing I want to happen is to give my couples one more thing to worry about come their wedding day! And speaking of being licensed, I just renewed mine to make sure I am covered, and most importantly, for my couple's security. I will send you another email for my quotes and all.

Yours truly,