Warmth. Comfort. Love.

Last night, I had the loveliest of dreams. We were on top of this splendid mountain, and it was just us. Just us.

And in my dream, I kissed you. The feel of your smooth skin against my lips, it was so surreal.

And suddenly, all my doubts are gone. Then I whispered "I love you..."

You answered with a touch and caress of comfort. Making me feel that I am not alone.

That you'll always be by my side.

Keeping me warm like the early morning sunlight.

To hold my hand whenever. Wherever.

It was one of the greatest dreams I had. And you know what's better than the greatest? To wake up and know that it's not just a dream. 

And you are my dream come true.



Here's a sneak peek of yesterday's photoshoot with this beautiful couple, Billy Aujla and Ally Brennan. Travelled from Edmonton to Jasper, AB and back, and oh, boy, we had so much fun! They're getting married really soon and I'm ecstatic to shoot their entire wedding ceremony.

Love love! :)