With Ribbons Undone

"She's a girl, rising from a shell. Running to spring, it is her time, it is her time, watch her run with ribbons undone..." - Ribbons Undone, Tori Amos

Often referred to as an Indian couple's official engagement, the Chunni Ceremony involves the family of the guy visiting the girl's house or a venue arranged beforehand to accommodate the attendees. The guys' family brings gifts like sweets, fruits and an outfit for the girl, which is usually red. They put cosmetics on the girls face, apply henna on her hands, and color her nails with nail varnish. 

Edmonton Photographer Bridal Shower

Yesterday evening, I get to cover the Chunni Ceremony of Jasmine and Gurveer, including their happy friends and vivacious family. It was so much fun! I enjoyed processing Jasmine's photos prior and during the event.

The last photo is my first try of the Brenizer method in taking and processing a photo. I think I did fine. :)