Oh, Dana! - Edmonton Photographer Portraits

And I had the great opportunity to work with Go! Edmonton's host, Dana Giesbrecht. This girl's happy and vibrant personality is highly contagious and I can't stop myself from chuckling every single time she strikes a pose. She's got some disclaimer though --- She doesn't know how to model and that her posing is bad. Oh really, Dana?!


Such a stunner, right?! Prior to the shoot, we talked about a concept that's whimsical, fun, outrageous, with blowing bubbles, balloons, big gowns and cupcakes. I figured winter is not the best time for shoots like that, not to mention that this girl is soo avoiding the cold, she said she turns red easily. Maybe in the summer!


I wanted to capture her fragility and sensitivity as a woman so I also took some headshots of her. She's very captivating.


Looking like a doll, Dana propped into a vintage looking couch and --- BAM! Lovely!


I make sure that in every shoot, get to capture people's personalities. Those unguarded moments are what makes them unique and beautiful to me. Just like Dana's laughter above. Beautiful indeed! Xoxo