Gurveer and Jasmine - Edmonton Photographer Engagement Sessions

This proposal setup is by far one of the most memorable for me as I was not just the photographer, I was also an accessory to this crime (right, Gurveer?). 

Earlier this afternoon, Gurveer went out on a date with his girlfriend, Jasmine (who's totally unaware that a proposal's going to take place). As a part of the plan, they'll walk towards the park close to the Alberta Legislature, and Gurveer would suddenly remember to get something in his car. I'll then step into the scene (Jasmine doesn't even know I existed til this time, hahaha) and tell Jasmine "Hi, my name is Angelo. Gurveer has something for you".

 I can still see the surprise on her oh so cute face as I led her to the gazebo and made her watch a video that Gurveer prepared for her. 

 It was a very beautiful scene!  



That face is just priceless! 

Edmonton Photographer Engagement Sessions

Gurveer, looking so debonair, with his swag. Haha


Everything went well as planned. One for the books, definitely.

Congratulations, Gurveer Chohan and Jasmine Sehra. :)