Alykhan and Jahan

It just started raining when I reached Jahan's place. I went inside and I noticed they're still busy preparing when a little kid came up to me, gave me a big hug, showed me his toy car and said "Hi! How are you? Will you take my photo?" Ah! He's just sooo adorable!


His name is Adam, Jahan's nephew. Look at this little guy! I immediately felt his warm welcome and so while waiting for the event to start, I decided to shoot around.

Alykahn and Jahan are Ismailis. And according to what I read (thanks, Google!), it's a Muslim Shiite sect that holds Ismail, the son of Jafar as-Sadiq, as its imam.

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I continued shooting although, I'm starting to feel soo hungry, I SMELL FOOD. *growl*



I went outside the house, and there's Jahan's stepdad, infront of the grill. Oooh. So that's where the smell is coming from! 


That's Adam and Noah hanging out. Jahan fussing around with her make up and Jahan's Mom, whose private space I invaded, while preparing for the engagement. Guests started pouring in and the 6D just kept on clicking!


And now here comes Alykhan and his family. This is so reminiscent of the Filipino tradition called "Pamamanhikan" --- this is where and when the man and his parent's formally ask the lady's hand and blessings from her parents in order to live together and marry. Love is all around me! <3

Jahan and Alykhan Engagement-1648.jpg
Jahan and Alykhan Engagement-1701.jpg

What's with the face Alykhan?! Hahaha! 


Jahan and Alykhan Engagement-1370.jpg
Jahan and Alykhan Engagement-1791.jpg

Lovely couple, Alykhan and Jahan. So who's the boss? :p

Jahan and Alykhan Engagement-1825.jpg

Argh! That ring. I wish I had a macro lens! Now, parents pics.

Jahan and Alykhan Engagement-2545.jpg
Jahan and Alykhan Engagement-2504.jpg

My shoot went well. And the best thing? I enjoyed it.  Unforgettable couple Jahan and Alykhan with Adam and Noah. I miss them!