Eshan's 1st Birthday

It was a sunny Saturday morning and I headed out to shoot Eshan's 1st birthday party. This little charmer's actual birthday was on the 5th of May, but then the couple Aleem and Shobhana decided to celebrate it on the 10th! 

Eshan is good-natured, always smiling and friendly. I never had a tough time making him open up!

At first, Aleem and Shobhana had two names picked out, but when this little kid was born, they said they just knew it was Eshan --- very sweet, calm, and a good boy!

So I asked Shobhana and Aleem, what is it that you would always like Eshan to remember? And they said "That we love him more than we could have ever thought possible"

Such beautiful words from his Dad Aleem and Mom Shobhana. 

Happy 1st birthday, Eshan! :)