Greg's Fitting

I got a call from Maria a couple of days ago and she was asking if maybe I can spare some time to go and shoot Greg while he's fitting his suit. Knowing that it's an opportunity for me to get shots of the groom while fitting his clothes, I obliged. One thing I learned, to free myself from the hassle of the obligatory shots --- groom preparing and the bride as well, being done on the wedding day, take some time to shoot the groom before the special date, it doesn't have to be on the wedding day itself, right? It always works for me.

Derk's is located at Whyte Ave., the store has been servicing Western Canada with Formals, Menswear, Uniforms, etc. Suddenly made me miss wearing a suit and tie. 

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Edmonton Photographer Weddings
Edmonton Photographer Weddings
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Greg, accompanied by Maria, had fun fitting. And Chandler was with the couple too! :)