Why I love that golden light

Many of my clients, when they ask of the best time to do a shoot, are mostly surprised when I answer them with a quick "Early morning or late afternoon" . Some of them would ask me why, and some would just wonder. In my experience, the best times to shoot for portraits is about an hour before the sun rises, and same goes when the sun sets. These times provide me tons of wonderful opportunities in shooting beautiful portraits. Silhouettes, shadows, rim lights, etc. the creative possibilities are endless. 

I remember scheduling an early time for the shoot of the couple Igor and Angela as I wanted to capture great light. Imagine my disappointment when I learned upon waking up that there's going to be lots of clouds in the sky (cloudy skies = grayish cast of light). Feeling not so excited, I still did what I had to do, and that is, go on with the shoot, regardless. Here's an example of how a shot that day turned out, but, without the "golden light" I was blabbering about.

Igor and Angela-0195.jpg

Nice moment? yes. But this could've been a ton better with THE "golden light"! Just a couple of seconds after, the "golden light" started to appear!  

Igor and Angela-0192.jpg

The change in the tone is now SLIGHTLY noticeable, thanks to that "golden light", but please heavens, could you give me some more?


Prayers answered! This is exactly how I wanted the shot to turn out. Golden, nice shadows, beautiful skin tones, the atmosphere definitely changed from dull to full of life. The quality of the photo suddenly jumped from 6.0 to 9.0! 

I was sooo thankful that the sun came out that day, as it would've been very challenging for me to capture great moments, who knows what would've happened, but it's more likely that I'll end up with mediocre photos. And I don't want that. :p

The reason why I love THAT golden light.