For the past few weeks, I had been thinking of a logo for my brand, Michaelangelo. Now, whenever I need to do something like this, ideas pour like water from a high pressure water faucet. You try to stop it with your hands and you end up with a watery mess. It's crazy. So to limit information that may come up, and keep focus in the process of me thinking of a logo, I decided that it should be:

1. Simple and conservative, nothing fancy

2. Easy to remember, and far from being forgettable.

3. A match to my web design, just for coherence.

I came up with one this morning, and I happen to really, really like it.



It's very simple. I find it unique. I feel the transparent and the obvious. Perfectly matches my web design. From now on, this logo would represent me and my brand, Michaelangelo. What do you guys think?